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La Perla Black Label Collezione Primavera Estate 2008
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 Product: LA PERLA Black Label Spring-Summer 2008 - Release Date: Spring 2008 - Distributor: Gruppo La Perla S.p.A. LA PERLA Black Label Spring-Summer 2008 AD CAMPAIGN 
 La Perla Black Label Spring-Summer 2008
COLONIAL CHINA - Shanghai, in the '30s. In the opium fumes of a Chinese boudoir, erotic play-acting beside embroidered lotus flowers and dragons, the lightness of the lace and the sensuality of the mesh. Focus on: audacious contaminations of sacred and profane. Amorous meetings with a hint of sin consumed on the background of proposals inspired by the ancient vestments of Ming priests. Soft satin bones that open slightly knowing splits on the garments. The tactile sensuality of the oriental lacquers evoked by an intriguing jewelled loop that shatters the mystery of the tulle. The sexy side of the Orient is on stage. Fil rouge of the collection, a tiny heart in satin-finished gold that hides a declaration of love: made with love.
FUMOIR ATMOSPHERE - Tulle and satin. A match of light and transparency to imagine in the dim light of a smoking room. Soft bones covered in satin define the outlines of a sinful femininity imprisoned in garments made on the body just like Couture-sculptures. Distinguishing marks: an intriguing play on strategic openings that move the styling and free the imagination.
RED HOT COUTURE - Red and Black. A strong chromatic choice that smells of the Orient and passion. A contrast that plays the leading role in the black satin top brightened by the vermillion of the lotus flower. The loops are red reminding us of precious cigarette holders of decorated china, original link between tulle and satin. Just like the floral inlay of chiselled leather that stands out on the black lacquered wedge of a jewel-sandal.
LACE PASSION - The lace, strictly black, joins the brilliance of satin, giving life to superimpositions and colour contrasts with a great impact. Red-black, for a Hot-Couture effect. Grey-black, for a more whispered sensuality.
LOVERS & DRAGONS - The dragon of traditional Chinese mythology stands out, in contrast, on a background of stretch mesh. An embroidery of great visual impact that creates spectacular tattoo effects. The dragon returns in a hot version in the print on a moiré background and transforms into an original love-nest of passionate lovers. Focus on: kimono dressing gowns with a sacred aura.
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LA PERLA Black Label Spring-Summer 2008 Images
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