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Twin Set Costumi 2012
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 Product: TWIN SET Beachwear 2012 - Release Date: Summer 2012 - Distributor: Light Force S.p.A. TWIN SET Beachwear 2012 AD CAMPAIGN 
 Twin Set Beachwear 2012
Twin-Set Simona Barbieri presents its new 2012 beachwear collection. Enriched and rounded off by one-off pieces, beach wraps and knitted articles, accessories, and bijoux, the "total look" for the seaside becomes glamorous and is inspired by fashionable places and symbolic cities.
Inspired by the glamour of the fabulous '50s this Saint Tropez series of beachwear ranges from strong colors like red and water green to more muted shades like sand and white. Costumes that are embossed and printed with micro lines in beige, coral and black, and trimmed with romantic lace, are matched with shorts, pants and maxi perforated t-shirts. The hand-made beach towels are coordinated with maxi beach bags and key accessories in an ivory colour. Baggy colored kaftans with floral embroidery that recall Indian saris create silhouettes with a decisive effect if worn with costumes featuring ruches and multicolored micro sequin appliqués. The mood harks back to the incontestable sensual allure of Brigitte Bardot in those years, the carefree come-on look of her strolls along the beaches of St. Tropez. Contrasting black and white, baggy white shirts, romantic, perforated, hand-embroidered. Small circles in light fabric adorn the most original of costumes, wrap-around skirts, bags and kaftans.
The romantic, sophisticated atmosphere of Capri's "Piazzetta" is in the air, long a yearned for destination of travelers and artists, actors, and celebrities from the international jet-set. Cream and black are combined and blended in glossy smears to give a mother-of-pearl effect. Back in vogue are crocheted costumes, elaborate, to-be-cherished, and hand-made. The tiny hearts embroidered in micro pearls are the dominant motif which features on costumes, T-shirts, beach towels, and bags.
The maxi beach bags, in fringed and printed canvas, are perfect for carrying everything necessary for a complete day out, while the range of belts, beach towels, bracelets and maxi straw hats rounds off the mise; an outfit perfectly tuned to the unique fascination that shrouds the splendid white island Formentera, with its fashionable rhythms and cocktails which make it notorious all over the Mediterranean and a choice destination for its blend of naturalistic relaxation and élite movida. A series of one-off items, scintillating and fascinating. The appliqués are in metal, sparkling and sexy. Accompanying the studs are overlays of sequins, strass and baby pearls. The colors range from pearl grey to optical white, contrasted with black, shading into a bright, intense red. The triangle, sash and one-piece acquire a decisive energizing look with pants and shorts featuring glossy smears and embroidered sweat-shirts.
There is surely no better place than Miami to express this marriage between modernity, the metropolis, a glossy lifestyle and the most exclusive parties in the world.
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TWIN SET Collection 
TWIN SET Beachwear 2012 Images
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